PU V-Belt With Super Grip,SuperGrip Top PU B/17 V-Belt Urethane Transmission Belt

  • Min.Order QTY:  1200 M
  • Packaging:  Plastic Reel and Carton
  • Delivery Time:  7 Working Days
  • Port:  Shanghai
  • Payment Terms:  T/T
  • Specifications

High grip coatings can be bonded to trapezoidal belts from 10x6mm section upwards.
A wide range of Green PVC grip-top coating meets handling requirements in terms of grip, slippage and resistance to abrasion or temperature.
Incorporating high grip and low wear PVC top surface & ideally suited for ceramic and woodworking conveying application.
Transmission purposes of newspaper, textile machines, packaging machines, printing presses, food machinery, ceramic processing plants, cannery conveying equipment, wood-working machines, floor and roof tiles and industrial and paper industry machines. Widely used in the facilities line, the glaze, polishing lines and transmission line. Cut round belts can be joined as the endless belts as required according to the drive wheel distance and pulley size.

Feature of Super Grip belt:
1. Integrally bonded tops and cannot delaminate.
2. Custom top surfaces available on request.
3. Easily welded endless on site with butt welding kit.

Specification  X(mm) H(mm) Z(mm) M/rolls With Green Top PVC
A 13 8 3.5 30 ·
B 17 11 3.5 30 ·
C 22 14 3.5 30 ·
D 32 19 3.5 30 ·
M 8 4   50  
Z 10 5 3.5 50 ·