Industrial Timing Belt,RPP5M 8M 14M PU transmission Timing Belt

  • Min.Order QTY:  20 piece
  • Packaging:  Reel and Carton
  • Delivery Time:  15 Working Days
  • Port:  Shanghai
  • Payment Terms:  T/T
  • Specifications

RPP5M 8M 14M Polyurethane timing belt is widely used in packaging machine, printing machines, textile machine, driving wheel, ceramic tile, cement brick, floor tile, canned food, wooden products, transmitted, newspapers, printed matter, etc.

Feature of Industrial Timing Belt:
1. Open timing belt is made up of steel wire and thermoplastic polyurethane material, it has the high wear resistance. Ensure timing belt keep a good running capacity during the high-load transmission.

2. Small Production tolerances, dimensional stability. We add a layer of nylon in the tooth surface and back of tooth, To ensure the belt’s has the good running characteristics in the special applications, in addition, it also can add thicker layer of PU on the back sides of belt, in order to prevent corrosion and high load.

3. Mechanical properties:Dimensional stability,small tension,low noise,high wire resistant,do not need to maintain.good elasticity,highly precise straight line,liner speed up to 80m/sec.

4. Chemical properties:Aging proof, waterproof, prevent UVA, prevent ozone.Working temperature : -30~80 ℃ ,can withstand short time up to +110℃.Anti-oil, Anti acid, Anti-alkali corrosion.You can combine with other thermoplastic materials.

5. The length of open timing belt is 50m/rolls or 100m/rolls, open timing belt are used for linear mobile transmission.

6. With the various of core, such as Kevlar cord, highly flexible HF core, high-performance HP core, high performance and high toughness HPF core.


Type P H
RPP5 5 3.8 2.0
RPP8 8 5.4 3.2
RPP14 14 10.0 6.0