Screen Printing Squeegee,PU Polyurethane Flat Solvent Resistant squeegee

  • Min.Order QTY:  20 piece
  • Packaging:  Carton or Box
  • Delivery Time:  15 Working days
  • Port:  Shanghai
  • Payment Terms:  T/T
  • Specifications

Feature of Polyurethane Squeegee:

Abrasion resistance
High wear resistant
UV- ink resistant
Long time service

Size Selections :

Length Width Thickness
2450mm100” 9.5mm-320mm 1mm-30mm
Hardness Selections :
Red, Soft
Suitable for low viscosity ink printing, low density or tough surface printing.
Green, Medium
High pressure resistance. Suitable for high or low viscosity ink or high density surface printing. Could easily control the ink amount and assure the precision of the printing.
Blue, Hard
Highest pressure and strongest ink solvent resistance. Could easily control the ink amount and get the highest quality printing.

Hardness scope & Color :
Grade Shore Color
PU1 45-50 Transparent
PU2 50-55 Light Yellow
PU3 55-60 Light Red
PU4 60-65 Red
PU5 65-70 Light Green
PU6 70-75 Green
PU7 75-80 Blue
PU8 80-85 Coffee
PU9 85-90 Light Brown
PU10 90-95 Pink

Application of PU Squeegees Blade:
1. Normal Squeegees Mainly used in the glazing line of ceramic, wood and other Industries with lower polar solvents.
2. Anti-Solvent Squeegees is used in PCB manufacturing enterprises and printing industry.
3. Hardness:45A-90A
4. MDI Super Anti-solvent, easy to grind, suitable for printing circuit board (France Fimor quality)
5. NDI super wear-resistant, tear-resistant, super solvent, suitable plastic silk screen (excellent quality, brown color)
6. Flat squeegees, squeegees with edge, all of type could be produced according to customers.
7. PU material, high abrasion resistance, high aging resistance, high anti-solvent, long life span, Shore hardness:45A-90A.
8. PU conveyor belt scrapers used to scrape coal chemical adhesion of ash and powder materials such as coal transportation, fertilizer delivery, and gravel delivery and so on.
9. PU scraper for scraping cloth products, shaving products, such as the adsorption of water

Normal Squeegees is mainly used in the glazing line, wood and industries with little polar solvent. The other type is anti-solvent squeegees, these products used in the production of circuit boards enterprises and printing industry

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