Polyurethane Conveyor Rollers,Cast Urethane Rollers - Custom Polyurethane Idel Rollers

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Polyurethane Conveyor Rollers:
latest technology is used for polyurethane covering of various rollers up to 6m in length and 2m in diameter. this method is called rotational casting or ribbon flow molding, production of covered rollers at the minimum time with best surface quality are possible. these rollers with various dimensions and different kinds of flat ribbed are used in all industries such as steel, iron, aluminum, wood and textile.

Roller Covers are made of durable Polyurethane materials in several durometers. They are designed to fit on the O.D. of standard size Conveyor rollers, providing a cushioned, wear resistant, quieter system. They protect the products from damages. They are non-marking. Standard hardness's are 95A orange, 85A White (FDA), 60A yellow, 40A Green. These compounds are Castable type polyurethane, and are more durable than other types of Extruded Polyurethanes. Installation of these rollers is very simple.

PU Coating Conveying Rollers as Below :
1. Concave rollers
2. Converting rollers
3. Convex rollers
4. Conveyor rollers
5. Drive rollers
6. Feed rollers
7.Folding rollers
8. Friction rollers
9. Idler rollers
10. Index rollers
11. Inserting rollers
12. Laminating rollers
13. Load rollers
14. Material handling rollers
15. Nip rollers
16. Packaging rollers
17. Pinch rollers
18. Pull rollers
19. Sealing rollers
20. Sortation rollers
21. Track rollers
22. Transfer rollers
23. V-groove rollers
24. Web handling rollers

Applications of Coating PU rollers:
1. Pallet trucks.
2. Stackers.
3. Manipulators.
4. Fork lift tyres.
5. Fricition wheels.
6. Roller skate wheels.
7. Wagon wheels.
8. Rotators.
9. Small bearings.
10. Features:
11. low wear and tear.
12. High load bearing capacity.
13. Low rolling resistance.
14. Non-marking.
15. Resistant to oil, grease & chemicals.
16. Wide temperature stability(-40c to 80c)
17. Strong bonding with various insert materials.

Typically, wheels are made of a thin coating of polyurethane of any hardness, bonded to metal hubs. Typical applications of wheels are used for escalators and elevators.