Lineshaft O Rings belts,Polyurethane Belts Polyurethane orings divert roller o ring belts

  • Min.Order QTY:  1000 Piece
  • Packaging:  Carton
  • Delivery Time:  10 Working Days
  • Port:  Shanghai
  • Payment Terms:  T/T
  • Specifications

Profile shape: V-belt
Reinforcement: None
Material: Polyurethane orings belt
Hardness: 85~90A

Profile size: A-13, B-17,
Color: Orange or Green
Package Length: As Customer's request.
Compliancy: REACH, RoHS,FDA,

Description :

Polycord (Poly cord) is used for conveyor belts. Lineshaft o rings belts, roller to roller o ring belts, and divert o ring belts can all be made from polycord (poly cord). The polycord (poly cord) is cut to the correct length and then welded together using a welding tool.
There are several pros and cons to buying polycord or poly cord instead of the polyurethane belts already welded together. The pros are you do not have to break the machine apart to put the lineshaft belts, roller to roller belts, or diverter belts on. Polycord or poly cord is also significantly less expensive by the foot. This minimizes some of the mechanical work, but it does not necessarily lower your down time. The cons are you have to cut the polycord or poly cord to spec, any bit too long or too short can cause problems. Welding the polycord or poly cord together requires using one of our welding tools. This is a high temperature welding knife that requires steady hands. Once the cord is heated it is then butted together, the excess is trimmed off without cutting off too little or too much. The biggest con is downtime. Welding your own poly cord can take a significant amount of time causing a lot of down time.

Key feature of endless PU Rings:
● No mold charge for jointed PU V-belt
● Wide operating temperature range 
● Exceptional abrasion resistance
● Resistance to oils, fuels and oxygen
● Good weather ability and high impact resistance
● Low compression set
● Very clear in operation.

Specification of V-belt X(mm) H(mm)  Hardness (Shore A) M/rolls
A 13 8 90 30
B 17 11 90 30
M 8 4 90 50
Z 10 5 90 50