Polyurethane Products

2016-07-12 16:31

Product introduction and classification:
The company's current products from the process and the nature of raw materials can be divided into two categories, one is pouring polyurethane elastomer products, the other is thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer products;

1. Pouring type polyurethane elastomer is thermosetting, which is characterized by the liquid prepolymer cross-linked through the chain after curing curing.
A. convenient molding method: pouring polyurethane is by pouring liquid raw materials into the cavity mold solidification demolding, and then post-curing and post-processing (if necessary) forming the way. Atmospheric pouring way, the mold is not demanding, forming convenient way, especially suitable for casting large parts

B. wide range of hardness: pouring type of product hardness adjustable range of large to adapt to different requirements, we can achieve from the very low hardness shore A5 to high hardness shore D 80 formula and molding process;

C. Can choose a wide range: In addition to pouring polyurethane elastomer optional raw material component is very rich, only from the soft segment speaking, which can be used isocyanate commonly used TDI, MDI, NDI, PPDI, HDI and CHDI, IPDI and TODI , Poly (propylene glycol) diol PPG, adipic acid polyester polyol (such as: PBA, PDEA and other), polycaprolactone diol PCL, polycarbonate diol PCD, polytetramethylene glycol PTMG, etc., can be seen only polyurethane elastomer of the soft segment on the dozens of combinations, coupled with different chain-extending crosslinking agent and functional additives, Coupled with different process recipes, we can imagine the variety of polyurethane elastomer is extremely rich, to meet the different physical properties and cost requirements. Therefore, pouring polyurethane elastomer is particularly suitable for the characteristics of the requirements of customers tailor-made products.

D. Adhesion to metal is good: pouring polyurethane elastomer with the use of special heat curing adhesive, with the technical surface to achieve a very strong bonding, can achieve a high peel strength. Therefore, it is very suitable for the production of rubber tire, rubber roller, pipe wear-resistant lining and metal-embedded products.

2. Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer as the name suggests is thermoplastic, the product is similar to the use of plastic processing technology molding, such as extrusion, injection molding and rolling and so on. I currently use the extrusion and injection of the way the production of products.

Product functionality and application of the classification
1. Conventional cast sheet, bar, hollow tube and coil
2. TPU round belt, V-belt, such as Pentagon with the extrusion products
3. Polyurethane rubber roller
4. Polyurethane coating rubber wheel
5. Polyurethane spring / buffer for mold
6. Polyurethane wear-resistant liner
7. Polyurethane plastic package pieces
8. Polyurethane tubing for turning seals
9. Polyurethane scraping gum
10. Concrete floor polyurethane embossing mold