Characteristics of Polyurethane Elastomer

2016-07-12 16:31

Polyurethane ,Urethane and PU are the common names for a wide range of synthetic rubber-like materials manufactured by the polymerization of chemicals generally having polyol and isocyanate content.
Polyurethane elastomers are generally characterized by extremely good abrasion resistance, excellent tears and cut resistance and good chemical resistance. Outstanding properties of high-class urethane elastomers are their high tensile strength and good compression set properties. These properties are achieved by tight testing and selection of the chemical components and thorough attention to the manufacturing process.
Special and Proprietary Polyurethane Formulation
1)     Hydrolysis resistant (Application: PU tube material for hydraulic seal machining)
2)     Dynamic mechanical properties(Application: PU suspension bushing)
Pulisen General Grades:
TDI/MDI/PPDI/NDI+ polyether (PPG)
TDI/MDI/PPDI/NDI + polyester
TDI/MDI/PPDI/NDI + polyether (PTMG)